EPDM rubber seals and gaskets are widely used in various industries for their excellent resistance to weathering, ozone, UV exposure, and a wide range of chemicals. Here are some key points about EPDM rubber seals and gaskets:

  1. Material Properties: EPDM rubber exhibits excellent resistance to heat, ozone, sunlight, and aging due to its stable structure. It also has good resistance to acids, alkalis, and ketones.
  2. Weather Resistance: EPDM rubber is known for its exceptional weather resistance, making it suitable for outdoor applications. It maintains its properties even in extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.
  3. Sealing Performance: EPDM seals and gaskets provide reliable sealing solutions due to their flexibility and compression set resistance. They can maintain a seal even under varying pressures and temperatures.
  4. Chemical Resistance: EPDM gaskets offers good resistance to a wide range of chemicals, including acids, alkalis, and polar solvents. However, it may not be suitable for applications involving oils and hydrocarbon-based fluids.
  5. Applications: EPDM seals and gaskets find applications in automotive, aerospace, construction, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), plumbing, and various other industries. They are used in sealing applications such as doors, windows, piping systems, and automotive weatherstripping.
  6. Manufacturing Process: EPDM seals and gaskets can be manufactured through various processes including compression molding, injection molding, extrusion, and die cutting. This versatility allows for the production of seals and gaskets in various shapes and sizes to suit specific application requirements.
  7. Environmental Considerations: EPDM rubber is considered an environmentally friendly material as it is recyclable and does not contain toxic substances such as heavy metals or chlorinated compounds.

EPDM rubber seals and gaskets offer a combination of excellent physical properties, chemical resistance, and durability, making them a popular choice for sealing applications in diverse industries.

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